Top 3 Video Games of All Time - Only Play the Best

Since the past 100 years, witnessing the evolution of video games has been nothing short of a breathtaking experience for the gaming community. Through the unforgiving process of trial and error and millions of hours of game-play, a few diamonds have emerged that provide a gaming experience like no other, and hold high shelves in the gaming hall of fame. For the most fun, check out our online casino real money.

Number 3: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

This title is arguably the best first person shooter of all time. This game, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, caused a mass migration of gamers to delve into the FPS genre. It boasted a beautiful campaign which combined excellent shooting mechanics with future military technology. Even more impressive was the multiplayer experience where the prestige system and the gun camouflage upgrade system kept games glued to their screens. Maps like Nuketown and Hijacked became the epitome of well thought out first person shooter environments, encouraging both long range and short range combat. The icing on the top for this game was the Zombies mode, which added hours of exciting gameplay and a completely new dynamic to the game. Facing rounds of zombies with friends or alone, upgrading weapons, and scavenging to build new items made led to an extremely immersive and intense experience.

Number 2: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5, the most recent release in the GTA franchise, may very well be the most detailed open world game ever created. Modeled exactly like the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, the game world follows the lives of three starkly different characters: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. Through this split narrative, the player gets a vivid taste of what life is like in a big city. Additionally, the players learn about how financial divides and class differences shape peoples mindsets and actions. The amount of detail Rockstar games has embedded into this game is mind blowing. You can do anything from snorkeling to investing in the stock market. It is the level of detail in the game that makes it truly great, and playing it offers one of the most immersive experiences gaming can provide.

Number 1: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is an action role playing video game developed by Bethesda Studios. One of the most breathtaking and unique aspects of this game is that it places the player in a completely alien world. As a player, one embarks on a journey to not only understand the culture, language and diversity of this unique world but also decipher what their role is among all this chaos. The game boasts a massive open world that seems limitless with exotic flora and fauna, elements of magic, mythical creatures, gods, supernatural forces, twisted story-lines and even dark hidden secrets. Having said all that, one of the most laudable aspects of this game is the amount of autonomy the player has. The player can decide what clothes to wear, weapon to yield, even buy pets and properties. Additionally, this game was way ahead of it's time as it offers a system where the story line's outcome is dependent on the players' decisions and interactions with the world. A true masterpiece.